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Luke has 2 degrees to further his education with the families ranching business. He graduated in 1993 from Graham’s Cattle Management & Breeding. In 1994, Luke finished #1 in class at the University of Oregon with a degree from Linn Benton Community College in Farrier Science. After graduation, he stayed on as the school’s shoer and apprenticed under a renowned dressage Farrier. He returned back to his hometown and applied his knowledge to his foundation of Rodeo and Performance Horses, as a full-time Farrier and part-time ranching/farming. He quickly became known for specializing in corrective, rehabilitation and balanced equines. Luke is trusted and recommended by many Veterinarians and fellow Farriers where he is frequently brought in to review x-rays and assists in CORRECT shoeing/trimming.


TRIM.......... $40

FULL SET.......... $100

Prices for all other services and specialty shoeing upon consultation.

Contact Luke at (541) 290-6662

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