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Luke & Kara Simpson are 7 generations from Wheat, Cattle & Horse Ranches in Pendleton, Oregon and proud parents of 4 boys. They are diverse in many disciplines with long family histories in Owning, Raising, Handling, Training and Competing with Champion Race, Rodeo and Performance Horses. Their history led to a passion for Robust Horse Health.


LKS Equine Wellness Products & Services

HOOF UP – INSIDE OUT! Proudly, We Listen First Before Making Recommendations!


Luke has 2 degrees to further his education with the families ranching business. He graduated in 1993 from Graham’s Cattle Management & Breeding. In 1994, Luke finished #1 in class at the University of Oregon with a degree from Linn Benton Community College in Farrier Science. After graduation, he stayed on as the school’s shoer and apprenticed under a renowned dressage Farrier. He returned back to his hometown and applied his knowledge to his foundation of Rodeo and Performance Horses, as a full-time Farrier and part-time ranching/farming. He quickly became known for specializing in corrective, rehabilitation and balanced equines. Luke is trusted and recommended by many Veterinarians and fellow Farriers where he is frequently brought in to review x-rays and assists in CORRECT shoeing/trimming.


Kara’s career for over 25 years was primarily in Managing, Training and Coaching within the Banking Industry. She has a deep love for horses and is diverse in many disciplines, including showing performance horses, Gymkhana, Race, Roping and Barrel Racing Horses. She developed a passion for Horse Health Study. For over 10 years, Kara attacked her study, as she would her job. She sought out the best Veterinarians, Therapists, Top Performers Current/Past asking questions and compiling information about home concoctions, advertised and recommended products. With Luke’s help & feedback, they began testing products Hoof Up – Inside Out!


LKS Equine was formed after years of testing products with limited and/or temporary results. Next, we also found that most were using the layering/canoe method. Finally, we really started looking at the ingredients. We were paying a lot of money for products that were primarily fillers first with inferior synthetic products and artificial flavoring. This led us to ask questions about quality of ingredients and horses digestive process to absorb the products.

Feeling “taken” from all the fantastically advertised junk we had been feeding, we scratched it all and went back to basics. We went Organic / Non-Gmo with herbs, but found ourselves having to layer products again in trying to achieve the ESSENTIAL NUTRITIONAL BUILDING BLOCKS which includes Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals & Herbs. Plus, we still needed to

address blood flow, joints, arthritis, inflammation, ulcers, bleeders, special needs, etc. We found lots of advertised products advertising this, but again we found fillers, synthetic and artificial flavoring with outrageous cost points.

After already knowing it starts with the Hoof, we found that all the fancy outside therapy products don’t fix problems unless you have a Robust Healthy Horse on the Inside. Also, we weren’t ignorant to think with the demanding needs of horses today, they needed supplements. So, we asked the question, “who has always reigned King in supplements?” Well, Race Horse Industry is always cutting edge and a step ahead.

There it was – Total Health Enhancement and owner/formulator, Bob Fogli. He had the credentials starting with Bob Baffert – American Pharaoh and California Chrome. Upon research, we found Bob’s current product line including stand out Ulcer, Lung & a Nitro Oxide Delivery System. With one more situation to tackle, Custom Formulas developed to attack the needs of Hauled/Stalled, Barrel, Rodeo, Rope, Gymkhana, Mounted Shooting, Reining, Cutting. We needed STRONG & Inclusive.

After a long meeting with Bob & Diana at T.H.E., they agreed to use Luke & Kara to feed them the information & test products needed to develop such a line.

The Custom Proprietary LKS Equine Line was formed.

“We owe everything to God, Bob & Diana for believing in our Mission and All Our Clients that took a Chance. Thank you for trusting us with Robust Horse Health.”

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